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"Party, Grind" was recorded and mastered in Montreal, Canada at The Grid Studios with Christian Donaldson(Cryptopsy) released in 2014.

Track Listing:

1-Have you found Jesus yet Gump? - 2:39
2-Godking - 2:43
3-Fecal Fellatio - 4:03
4-It's Not Stanley, It's Stan Lee(feat. Dean Lamb from Archspire) - 3:52
5-George Costanza's Father's Son(feat. Youri Raymond from Unhuman) - 3:18
6- What do you know about Ray Finkle? - 3:04
7-'Til Death Do us Party(feat. Tyler Hoare from Blessed By A Broken Heart) - 2:45
8-Insanity as a pathway to fame and fortune: The life and times of Gary Busey - 3:35
9-No, Not The Bee's! - 2:14
10-Carving a totem pole a top Blood Mountain whilst enslaving the local mountain-folk population as cattle - 4:12
11-See you at the party Richter!(BONUS TOTAL DEATHCORE TRACK feat. Simon Girard from Beyond Creation) - 3:16