Killitorous - North America



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"The Afterparty" was recorded and mastered in Montreal, Canada at The Grid Studios and at Planet Shred Studios with Christian Donaldson(Despised Icon, Shadow Of Intent, Beyond Creation) & Killitorous, released in 2020 on Tentacles Industries Worldwide.

Track Listing:

1-All Hail The Starchild 2:35
2-Married With Children(feat. Gore Lussier from Erimha) 3:13
3-Rodney Dangerfield Of Dreams(feat Raph Weinroth-Brown from Leprous) 3:49
4-Eat Your God Alive(feat. Paul Ablaze from Blackguard) 4:08
5-Slavesphere 3:03
6- Re-anima-tomatron(feat. Leo Diensthuber from Divine Realm & Steven Henry from Neuraxis) 5:18
7-30 Minutes(feat. Youri Raymond from Unhuman and Callum Clark from Ending Tyranny) 2:52
8-Insanity as a pathway to fame and fortune: The Tyrannical Tirades of Mike Tyson(feat. Matt McGachy from Cryptopsy) 3:39
9-Total Protonic Reversal(feat. Dan Mongrain from Voivod/Martyr) 4:50
10-King Diamond Dallas Page(feat. Bob Katsionis from Firewind, Tom "Fountainhead" Geldschlager ex-Obscura, Cody Ford from Soen and Riley McShane from Allegaeon) 10:12